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Since 1973, the Sheridan Senior Center has provided quality services to older adults and their families, helping people live meaningful lives in the community and in their neighborhoods and homes. The primary purpose of the Sheridan Senior Center is to improve the quality of life for senior citizens of all socioeconomic levels and prevent premature institutionalization.

The Center was built at 211 Smith Street in 1980. This past year the center provided services to 4,821 individualts in the seven program areas that helped people stay at home. More than 189,000 acts of service were delivered, a 35% increase from five years ago.  In the past year alone, the Center served 461 new people, helping families avoid social, health, and financial challenges.

This increase has been expected due to the changes in Sheridan County demographics and the aging of the Baby Boom Generation. This is just the beginning, however, as the number of older adults in Sheridan County will continue to grow significantly over the next 15 years.

The Senior Center has been preparing by conducting research, gathering information, and determining best practicies to serve this growing number in the most efficient, cost effective, and preferred maner...at home and in the community. The Senior Center and the Campaign will help our community by proactively providing support and services to meet the needs of older adults and their families.

This important work will benefit people of all ages and the community as a whole by providing the place, space, and resources...instead of personal and family crisis, there will be opportunities and possibilities.
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Please consider a gift to the Sheridan Senior Center. Your support is greatly appreciated and will help us continue to serve older adults throughout Sheridan County. Clicking the Donate Now button will take you to our donation page where you can contribute securely online. You can also send gifts to 211 Smith Street, Sheridan, Wyoming 82801. Thank you for your support!
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