Day Break is not only valuable for those receiving services but for their loved ones.  It provides a break from the important yet strenuous tasks of taking care of someone.  Day break plays a critical role in keeping people in their home and out of long-term care.


25 Things To Do at Day Break:



1.      Enjoy a BBQ on the patio

2.      Attend exercise class

3.      Bake a cake

4.      Make a new friend

5.      Enjoy a cup of coffee

6.      Finish a crossword puzzle

7.      Get a 29 point hand in Cribbage

8.      Sing

9.      Toss Horseshoes

10.   Walk in Whitney Park

11.   Know the answers for “Are You Smarter Than a 5th grader”

12.   Win at “dirty rotten” Uno

13.   Eat at a local restaurant

14.   Sing to Harmonica Music

15.   Laugh until your stomach hurts

16.   Ride the Mini-bus

17.   Eat the best oven fried chicken in town

18.   Sink the 8 ball in a game of pool

19.   Throw the winning shot in Shuffleboard

20.   Dance

21.   Play Skip-Bo

22.   Create your own Jewelry

23.   Share stories about your childhood

24.   Help someone else

25.   Relax


Plan of Care


A service plan will be developed outlining the services you wish to receive. Each plan is customized to address your, or your loved one's, strengths and limitations. The plan will include:

  • Description of needs
  • Desired activities and services
  • Service goals
  • Your rights and responsibilities
  • TB test (required for all new participants)



Trained and certified professionals respectfully work in the areas of mobility, toileting, medication reminders, and meal-time assistance.  In addition, a bathing facility is available equipped with a handicapped accessible walk-in shower and hydrotherapy bathtub.

Barb Blue, program director, provides supervision and oversight of services, participants, and staff in the Day Break area.  An aides are scheduled daily based on the number of people in attendance.  Staff shall protect individuals by not divulging confidential information regarding anyone receiving services.

Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday

Schedules can be set at time of enrollment and changed at any time. 

If service is needed on an unscheduled day, or making a cancellation, please give 24 hours notice if possible.

Guys Playing pool

Guys Playing pool


Daily activities provide motivation, creative expression, and are centered on you and your interests.

Please click here to see our calendar of daily activities: September Activity Calendar


We love to share conversation over food. A mid-morning and afternoon snack are provided, along with a full noon meal which is provided at The Hub Congregate meal location. If you, or your loved one, has dietary needs this can be arranged with our kitchen staff. Day Break staff will monitor means and intake if requested.

Personal Care

Day Break staff will provide assistance with tasks of daily living based on individual needs. Personal Care Assistance will be specified in each individual's care plan. These may include; toileting, bathing, feeding, and assistance walking.


If you do not have transportation to or from Day Break, Goose Creek Transit may provide safe, door-to-door transportation! Click HERE to learn more about our transportation service.

Barb Blue, Director - Day Break

Barb Blue, Director - Day Break


Is Day Break Right For You Or Your Loved One?

If you are wondering whether the services we provide in Day Break are right for you or your loved one, it may be helpful to read through these questions.  You can also download and print the questions to fill out later.  If at any time you would like to talk to us in person instead, please call 307-675-4YOU (675-4968) and ask for Barb Blue.