The holiday season is upon us and, with that, the spirit of giving and thankfulness is in the air.  The need for your generosity is greater than ever this year.

Anne Aksamit is a long-time Sheridan Senior Center patron, Help-At-Home, and Home Delivered Meals client.  She shares how important the Senior Center is, not only for herself, but also many others in the community, saying “I don’t know how Sheridan could get along without it.  I just don’t.  I don’t know what a lot of us would do [without the Senior Center].”  Unable to drive herself anymore, Help-At-Home and Home Delivered Meals are necessary services.

Originally born in Canada, Anne arrived in Sheridan in 1916 at the age of 4, and remembers growing up here when it was a much smaller town.  She moved away for a time, returning in the late 1970s, and started coming for lunch at the Senior Center in 1988.  These days, at 104 years of age, she doesn’t have any family in Sheridan, and greatly appreciates the services that the Senior Center provides, saying “It is important to me because I feel like if I need help I can call down there, and somebody down there’s going to help me… and they have. It means a lot."

She also has high praise for the staff at the Senior Center, saying they’re always so helpful when she calls for anything, especially mentioning Gwen Burgess, Outreach Coordinator, and Shirley Knisley, Home Delivered Meals coordinator, saying they do such good work.

When asked if fundraising is important to keep the Senior Center going, she agrees, saying “Yes, I think so.”  Adding “You have to do fundraisers to raise money, and they’re doing so much at the Senior Center [that need the funds].”

State budget cuts are removing $130,000 that is normally allocated to the Sheridan Senior Center.  In addition, further state funding cuts may be coming in 2017, increasing the need for community generosity that much more. 

Seeing all of the construction going on, you might be thinking that the Senior Center is pretty well off, but the funds being used for construction were specifically designated for that as part of the Celebrating Generations & Building Community campaign to be able to serve major increases in people needing services by the year 2030, and can’t be pulled to cover the state’s cuts.

Without the help of our wonderful community, these services that help Anne, and many others like her, wouldn’t be possible.  Please think of us this holiday season and give what you can.  Thank you!

Happy Holidays!,      

Carmen Rideout

Executive Director


You have to understand the relief it brings to see someone you care about flourish, regardless of what stage of life.
— Melissa L., Caregiver to her father, a Help at Home client

Did you know that private donations, from individuals like you, foundations, and other community partners, make operations at the Senior Center possible? To continue our work, over $500,000 needs to be raised every year. How can you help?

Whether it's through an annual giving campaign, like Operation Independence or Holiday Spirit, there are plenty of opportunities to give back. Perhaps you are interested in giving to our endowment, which secures funding for the Senior Center well into the future. Currently, our Celebrating Generations & Building Community Campaign has set a "10 in 10" goal, meaning we are wanting to build our endowment to $10 million in 10 years! Some may be curious about giving a capital gift to the CG&BC campaign and project! Endowment and CG&BC gifts have various recognition opportunities, as well. Maybe you are curious about planned giving, which includes donations of stocks and bonds, monetary gifts and pledges, life insurance, or estate and willed gifts. 

Whatever method you may be considering when you give to the Sheridan Senior Center, we are willing to work with you and financial advisers to make sure your gift is utilized how you like! We value every single gift made to the Senior Center, and thank every donor for their generosity and selflessness. 

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